[ˈkʌlə] noun I
1) [C/U] red, blue, green, yellow etc
Pink is my favourite colour.[/ex]
a light brown colour[/ex]
Many fruits change colour as they become ripe.[/ex]
His hair is reddish in colour.[/ex]
2) [U] the quality of having colour
Pot plants add colour to a room.[/ex]
Are the pictures in colour or black and white?[/ex]
3) [C/U] the colour of someone's skin as a sign of their race
people of all creeds and colours[/ex]
4) [U] the colour of someone's face when it shows how they are feeling
Suddenly, the colour drained from his cheeks.[/ex]
5) [U] interest or excitement
The examples chosen add colour to the writing.[/ex]
Talking or writing about colours general ■ shade one of the light or dark types of a particular colour ■ tone one of the different types of a particular colour dark colours ■ dark used for describing colours that look more like black than like white ■ deep used for describing dark colours that look attractive ■ rich used for describing dark colours that look beautiful and expensive bright colours ■ bright strong and noticeable ■ colourful brightly coloured, or having a lot of bright colours ■ loud bright in a way that you think looks silly or ugly pale colours ■ pale like white with a small amount of a colour mixed in ■ light pale II
colour [ˈkʌlə]
1) [T] to add colour to something, or to make it a different colour
I think I'll colour my hair.[/ex]
2) [T] to affect someone's decision or opinion about something
Don't allow your friends' opinions to colour your judgment.[/ex]
3) [I/T] to use pens, pencils, or CRAYONS to add colour to a picture
- colour (sth) in
Word family: colour Words in the same family as colourcoloured adjdiscoloured adjcolourful adjcolourless adjcolouring nmulticoloured adj III
colour [ˈkʌlə]
1) a colour photograph, magazine etc is in colour, not black and white
2) a colour television, MONITOR etc shows colour pictures or images

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